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Here are the cheapest Bali Ubud Rafting Recommendations!

Bali is full with exciting activities to make your vacation even more unforgettable. Water rafting or rafting is an excellent option for those who enjoy water activities.
Rafting is one of Bali’s most popular water activities. Bali Ubud rafting costs are relatively reasonable, so you may give it a try without reservation.
Recommendations for water rafting in Ubud
Bali offers numerous rivers with breathtaking vistas. Some rivers are extremely safe for rafting sports. If you wish to try this demanding water sport, you can seek for Bali Ubud rafting costs.
The location is also close to other Bali tourist sites, so you may sample it all at once. The Melangit River, the Ayung River, and the Telaga Waja River are among the Bali rivers popular for rafting.

Here are the full geographical data, rafting rental providers, and fascinating activities available:

  1. River rafting in the Ayung
    The Ayung River is one of the most exciting rafting destinations. The longest river on Bali is 68.8 kilometers long. This river rises in the Kintamani sub-district and flows into the Badung Strait near Sanur.
    The Ayung River is rather safe because the current is not too strong. Furthermore, the river rapids do not dip,

Bali Quad Bike Adventure – suitable for all ages. Designed to be a tour for families with children.

For families with children The tour Bali Quad Bike Adventure is suitable for children aged between 1 and 65 years old and is suitable for the entire family. Children can ride along with their parents who are older than 1 year old or independently 10-12 years old and over, based on their level of confidence and previous experience. The same location and attractions as our quad in on Beach but for our family tours, we choose routes that work for families, beginner riders and of all age groups.

Our world-renowned family (Quad Bikes) at the beach, Bali’s only and only licensed and authorized ATV ride in the beach. We travel along miles of black sand beaches, and then climb up beautiful world heritage-listed areas of rice, tracks through the jungle, and down through the traditional villages of Bali and back to the beach for our final lap.

Along the way, you’ll discover temples constructed on the beach to hold local ceremonies incredible rock formations, fishing boats, river crossings children and families bathing and swimming in the lakes and rivers on the beach Bat caves, streams of the river local farmers tending their fields of rice and local produce, children riding …