Month: January 2022

  • Bali Quad Bike Adventure – suitable for all ages. Designed to be a tour for families with children.

    For families with children The tour Bali Quad Bike Adventure is suitable for children aged between 1 and 65 years old and is suitable for the entire family. Children can ride along with their parents who are older than 1 year old or independently 10-12 years old and over, based on their level of confidence […]

  • 14 Tips to Help You Get an easy flight

    Traveling can be stressful and plane travel is high in the list of anxiety-producing factors we encounter during what is supposed to be an enjoyable and thrilling occasion. Just a few steps can ease the stress associated with travel. Things to do before your travel day: 1.) Make sure you pack your bags. Be sure that all […]

  • 14 Lanzarote Beaches – San Bartholme

    San Bartholme is the most central of the seven municipalities that divide the two distinct landscapes of the south and north part of the island. There are a few beaches in the area however we have visited three during our numerous excursions to the region. This is the first of two beaches referred to as Guacimeta. The […]

  • 11 Reasons to not park at the airport directly. the airport

    11 Reasons to not park at the airport directly. the airport Travel means taking parking decisions. There are a variety of options available. can choose to park in the airport parking lot or in car parking facilities close to the airport. Airport parking is looking around, usually shifting from one lot to the next and then commuting […]

  • 10 Tips to Plan Your European Trip

    Europe is the largest and most sought-after vacation spot for travelers. There are a few important points to consider prior to getting in touch with your travel agent to begin planning your next trip: 1. Your Budget: Set your budget. It includes the cost of transportation as well as souvenirs. If you have a smaller budget than this, then […]

  • Attractions – Mirador Del Rio, Jameous Del Agua and La Cueva de los Verdes

    You can accomplish all three of these activities in one day if you get up early and organize your day. We live within Playa Blanca, we travelled north via the LZ-2 via San Bartholme and Teguise into the mountains of the north. We stopped for our first time at Mirador Del Rio. Mirador Del Rio. It […]

  • 15 Lanzarote Beaches – Arrecife

    Arrecife is one of the smaller of the seven municipalities. It is also the capital of the island’s new city (having acquired Mantel Teguise towards the beginning in the 1800s). Similar to neighboring San Bartholme, there are only a few beaches in the area, however the two beaches that follow are definitely worth a trip. Arrecife […]

  • 10 Things You Can Do While in Ireland

    Ireland has been a secluded destination for tourists in the past two decades There is plenty to do in Ireland. In the beginning of the 1990’s, Ireland took an economic rise and the country was able to gain prosperity in the economy. Since then, the number of immigrants has increased from European nations, Russia, and even Australia […]