15 Lanzarote Beaches – Arrecife

Arrecife is one of the smaller of the seven municipalities. It is also the capital of the island’s new city (having acquired Mantel Teguise towards the beginning in the 1800s). Similar to neighboring San Bartholme, there are only a few beaches in the area, however the two beaches that follow are definitely worth a trip.

Arrecife (the name comes from the numerous islets and reefs that line the coast’s short length) is a city with a skyline that is dominating by the island’s highest structure (the Grand Hotel) which you might have seen on your trip towards the airport. One of the beaches is called El Reducto, a picturesque European Union, ‘Blue Flag beach situated within a bay that is almost completely enclosed that measures half a kilometre and 45m with smooth waters and soft golden sands.
At the other end of the beach you’ll discover a park with palm trees and benches that were designed as a tribute to an old ship wreck. If you’re looking to be away from the crowds the beach is ideal suitable for you since it is popular with locals more than tourists.

Like you’d expect from a city beach one would expect, El Reducto boasts excellent services along its promenade, including showers, public telephones bars/restaurants, wheelchair accessible parking, and is accessible via Guaguas (autobus). One of the most popular attraction of the beach lies in the “Charco of San Gines” lagoon, which is a natural pond that was formed by sea water that houses small boats belonging to the inshore fishermen who reside around the lagoon.

The beach was designed along with Cesar Manrique, who was born in the area and presented his first exhibit within this area. San gines Lagoon area.
If you’re planning to go here or to neighboring El Cable Beach (below) be sure to check whether there are any events that are happening at the moment since they offer an real-time glimpse into the life of a canarian in the islands.
The final and second beach located in Arrecife is situated just near the costs , and is known by the name of El Cable. It is 315m.long and 18m in width and comprises very fine gold sand. El Cable is windy with moderate waves, which makes it ideal for windsurfing. It can is located near the development that is named the same.
The beach may be subject to pollution from the local area, which makes the beach off limits periodically. Facilities comprise showers and public phones and restaurants and bars. Parking is simple in the local area.

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