14 Tips to Help You Get an easy flight

Traveling can be stressful and plane travel is high in the list of anxiety-producing factors we encounter during what is supposed to be an enjoyable and thrilling occasion. Just a few steps can ease the stress associated with travel.

Things to do before your travel day:

1.) Make sure you pack your bags. Be sure that all packing is done by the night prior and that you’ve got all your bags together in one place to allow for easy loading in your taxi or vehicle.
2.) Keep all of documents related to your travels organized all of it in one place.
3.) Make a list of everything you need to look over to ensure your home is secure before you leave. Then, walk around your home, marking every item. Make sure to do this at least one hour prior to leaving your home. When you do this, you’ll not be worried if you forgot to turn off the stove on, or other minor issues you might face traveling.
4.) Be sure that your pets are well taken care of. You should make any reservations for kennels well before your travel date to ensure you get secured a spot at a kennel you can trust.
5.) Contact the airport and the airline prior to the day to determine when they suggest you arrive to ensure smooth and stress-free check-in. If they advise you to arrive 3 hours earlier and you arrive 30 minutes late then you’ll probably be feeling terrible stress over the possibility of missing your flight. Be sure to ask if there’s any parking restrictions that you must keep in mind. Since the 9/11 attacks, when we are at the highest level of threat, there could be a car search prior to parking.
6.) If you’re carrying on your luggage most airlines allow you to check in online at any time prior to your flight. This means that you are able to get and print tickets for boarding right from home. Once you’re at the airport, you’ll be in a position to walk straight towards the gates and to your entry point without having to wait in the long line to check in. If you must check your baggage, you may not have this option open to you. However, if you do this is a fantastic time – and stress-saver.

Travel day:

7) Make sure you leave home with sufficient time to prepare for chaotic traffic or accidents. If it’s an hour drive from the airport might be able to get there a half an hour earlier just in case of difficulties on the road.
8.) If you’re taking your bags to the airport prepare to wait in the line. If it’s a busy moment at the airport, and you’re flying with a well-known airline it is possible to have an extensive line. Don’t be concerned about how long the line will be. If you’re there on time, as recommended by the airport you do, you’ll be able to get to the top of the line to check in. Although it may seem impossible, it’ll happen, so relax and take your time.
9.) Check that you are certain that any “carry on” luggage is actually carried on. If not, you could be stopped at the airport and have your bag removed to be put in the normal baggage. This will cause stress and delay you. Also, it could slow everyone else.
10.) Before boarding the plane, locate your seat, and then store your baggage in the carry-on compartment quickly. Sit down, and keep clear of the way. There are a lot of people who are trying to do the same thing , and we’ve all met people who stand in the aisle for an extended time arguing about something or another in a rush of boarders has to stand in line. It’s not a good idea to be one of them. Therefore, get your work done swiftly and efficiently and relax. There will be enough time back up after the plane is in air.
11.) If you must change planes, it could be a major hassle particularly in larger airports. If you know which gate that you have to travel to, inquire with the airline attendant advice on how to make it to the gate in a hurry. Some airports – such as Atlanta the Delta connection could be quite a hassle, taking 30 minutes to travel between gates to the next. If you have a plan beforehand how to travel to the next plane you will find it less stressful when you get off the plane. It will also be a more peaceful run (or walk) to the gate you’re going to.
12) If the plane is landing in a calm manner, wait patiently for your turn. If you press or sit, you’ll never be off the plane faster. The majority of people let the people in the rows ahead of them rise and leave in a fairly orderly manner. Doing it too fast can only increase your blood pressure elevated and you will not be viewed favorably by fellow travelers.
13.) If you only have carry-on baggage then you’ve successfully accomplished a stress-free flight.
14) However, if you are carrying carry-on luggage, you have an additional step: waiting for your luggage. Choose a location near the conveyor belt and then wait. Be prepared for you to get the last to be released and you’ll be surprised when it is released early.

If you follow these easy steps, you’ll notice that the stress levels of your flights will be significantly lower. A well-planned trip schedule will ensure that the little stress points are just that – points that don’t escalate into a complete crisis. If you try it, you’ll be amazed by how an ounce of prior planning can dramatically enhance the pleasure of traveling.

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